Hello, Texas patriots and lovers of our way of life, lovers of our land and our nation.

I look forward to engaging passionate people with servant hearts, who care about restoring our republic.

I am running against our incumbent Senator John Cornyn for these reasons:

1. He has failed to make ANY public or professional stand against the ideology and actions of big government control over the people by the leftists who control the administration.

In non-election years, Senator Cornyn has voted FOR every increase in federal spending, voted FOR every increase in the debt limit, voted FOR cloture (funding the ACA) and voted FOR every aspect of the unconstitutional NSA spying that violates our human rights. He has NOT taken the administration to task over Eric Holder’s abuse of the 1st, 4th and 14th amendments. He has NOT taken Barack Obama to task over the abuse of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 27th amendments. He has NOT taken Obama and Holder to task for violating the U.S. Constitution Article V, Article VI, Article I and Obama illegally sitting on the U.N. Security Council.

2. He has violated his oath of office to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Senator Cornyn became a domestic threat, himself, when he illegally voted down the 4th amendment (Google “U.S. Senate votes down the 4th amendment”) and voted FOR the NDAA that violates the 6th amendment and the 8th amendment. He voted to use black protocol money (untraceable) to fund Feinstein’s intelligence committee work (Senate Intelligence) to build 800 intelligence fusion centers across America, to spy, collect and correlate information about us, we Americans. Black protocol gives operatives the legal obligation TO LIE about what they are doing–to everyone, including members of Congress who are not briefed into the program.

3. He has failed to be a leader on social issues and engage in the social narrative.

Our inner cities are mostly all blue (Democrat) and they voted Obama into office twice, because of huge inner-city high school dropout numbers, combined with no jobs due to the radical Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and no access to ANY part of the economy, forcing government dependency. 73 % of all kids in Detroit drop out of high school; 70% in Baltimore and 54% in New York City. Community colleges only graduate 15% of their people. 21% of everyone in New York City lives on food stamps. This is failure.

A senator’s job is not only to represent and protect his state and advise and provide consent, his or her job is to work WITH the state legislature and LEAD. A senator must engage in issues that are hurting our people. IF the government is the problem (in the case of the economy and city poverty, it is), then get the government out of the way. IF the government can help (usually only 15% of social problems can be addressed by government), then the government should act. Cornyn is NOT leading.

Why does a U.S. Senator need 8.5 million dollars in his battle chest to get reelected? Where does that money come from? Mom and Pop in here in Texas? No, no, it doesn’t.

Fewer politicians and lawyers, more historians, scientists and warriors.

We stand for liberty, integrity and prosperity. Specifically:

Liberty … we will do everything in the power of the office to force the federal government into lawful U.S. Constitutional conduct, and then demand the same at all levels of the government: federal, state, county and city.

Integrity … I will never lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate anyone who does.

Prosperity … we will do everything in the power of the office to get the government out of the way and stop hurting our people, as they are right now.

With best regards,


Reid D. Reasor, Lt Col (Ret) USAF

U.S. Senate Candidate (R), Texas

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