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Reid Reasor is a U.S. Senate Candidate (R) from Texas contesting for the people’s seat currently occupied by Senator John Cornyn (R). You can listen to Reid’s introduction speech here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmVT2PkP1Bw.

Reid is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, with a bachelor’s degree in astronautical engineering. He holds a master’s degree in technology from Arizona State University and has had two years of doctoral studies in education and social psychology.

img4Reid served his country for 20 years as an attack and fighter pilot, flying mainly the F-15C, in combat operations under four different presidents on three different continents. His largest command was director of air operations in Iraq during Operation Northern Watch, and he retired as a squadron commander of an elite Weapons System Evaluation Program.

His Air Force career was cut short in 2004 when he was diagnosed with leukemia, and he had to retire, fighting the cancer for four years. After recovery, he started IdeaCorp LLC, a computer animation company, and he currently teaches computer animation at universities and high school physics for a home school cooperative. He is continuing his work in the Ph.D. programs of education and social psychology. He works with and supports crisis pregnancy centers and homeless centers. Reid and his wife, Heidi, desire to bring liberty, integrity and prosperity to Texas and to America.

For Our Country

Reid believes there are five coordinated attacks on the United States that, if not addressed immediately with “out of the box” thinking and integrity, the country will continue to decline and fall:

1. Inner city decay caused by failed education, no jobs and no ownership;
2. Federal criminal actions against the U.S. Constitution, destroying liberty;
3. Debt and currency collapse;
4. Economic stagnation and depression; and
5. Culture war.

For the benefit of America, first and foremost, the federal government must get itself out of debt and get off the backs of the people and our economy by using the vast natural resources that it controls. The “out of the box” solution is to mobilize the unemployed and untapped workers on Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF), or “welfare,” to process federal raw materials into negotiated payments to other nations that hold our national debt. This will secure our currency, reduce our debt, increase our economic growth, aid our inner cities and allow the federal government to reduce taxes on the American people and let the economy recover and grow.

For Our State

Reid believes that federal and state agencies should work together in a five-point economic plan to provide the means for Texas to excel.

1. Provide the authority and the resources to the Texas Agriculture Commissioner to manage our most precious and limiting resource: our water. Build dams, causeways and desalination plants for the nation’s fastest-growing economy, Texas.

2. Allow for Texas free markets to drive the building of pipelines for the export of high-quality, low-cost power for the rest of the nation.

3. Seal the border with Mexico while still allowing rancher and farmer access to the river. No actions should place an illegal immigrant above the position of an immigrant waiting to come here legally. Address illegal immigration in our state by enforcing existing laws, including prosecution of employers, and focusing on the three different types of illegal aliens that are here:

a. For those who are here who are hard working (the majority), they may stay as prosecuted felons with probation that removes their ability to vote and own a weapon. The length of probation would be the time required for them to go to the back of the line and then wait their turn behind immigrants who are coming here legally.
b. For those who cause harm with criminal activity (475,000 violent crimes and 4900 rapes since 2008 in Texas), prosecute and imprison.
c. For those who are here to freeload on our economy, identify and deport them.

4. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should become the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). The mission of the agency should change to helping industry be clean. Real science needs to be introduced into a group of far leftists who have an attitude of hate against our industry.

5. The federal government should negotiate a larger portion of foreign trade with the ports of Texas for the purpose of increasing our oil exports, as well as our industrial growth.

Be blessed. We can take our country back with honorable people and support from the states using Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Must Read: Improve writing and writing skills

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